LG 47LX9500

47LX9500 INFINIA series 47" 1080p 3D LED HDTV with 480Hz Refresh Rate

Quick Specs:
Brand: LG
SKU: 47LX9500
UPC: 719192578760
Energy Star: Yes
Technical Details
Screen Size: 47"
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Contrast Ratio: 10000000:1
Response Time: 1ms
Viewing Angle: 178 Degrees
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate: 480Hz
HD: 1080p
3D Ready: Yes
3D Capable: Yes
SimpleLink: Yes

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Screen Size:
47" (47LX9500)$2,798.99
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LG 47LX9500

LG 47LX9500 INFINIA series 47" 1080p 3D LED HDTV with 480Hz Refresh Rate
Our Price: $2,798.99
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SKU: 47LX9500
Condition: Brand New Factory Sealed With 1 Year USA Warranty
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We hardly know where to begin; the LX9500 LED HDTV from LG makes no compromise. Enjoy Full HD 1080p movies in 2D or 3D thanks to the LX9500's built-in 3D capability (glasses sold separately). And no matter whether you choose 2D or 3D viewing, thanks to THX certification, LED backlighing with local dimming, and new TruMotion 480Hz processing, you experience exceptionally vivid colors, sharp detail, and smooth, fluid motion. Then, connect this LED HDTV to your internet service using the built-in ethernet port, and NetCast Entertainment Access allows you to stream video, music, and photos from providers as diverse as Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, and Picasa. It's even enabled for Skype online video/voice calling. Finally, this INFINIA series panel sports an ultra-thin 1.3" panel with a sophisticated, seamless front-panel aesthetic.

LG 47LX9500 Description:

We hardly know where to begin; the LX9500 LED HDTV from LG makes no compromise. Enjoy Full HD 1080p movies in 2D or 3D thanks to the LX9500's built-in 3D capability (glasses sold separately). And no matter whether you choose 2D or 3D viewing, thanks to THX certification, LED backlighing with local dimming, and new TruMotion 480Hz processing, you experience exceptionally vivid colors, sharp detail, and smooth, fluid motion. Then, connect this LED HDTV to your internet service using the built-in ethernet port, and NetCast Entertainment Access allows you to stream video, music, and photos from providers as diverse as Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, and Picasa. It's even enabled for Skype online video/voice calling. Finally, this INFINIA series panel sports an ultra-thin 1.3" panel with a sophisticated, seamless front-panel aesthetic.

LG 47LX9500 Features:

It's here! 3D from LG!

First there was sound. And then color. And then high definition. And now, the next leap in home video entertainment is here  3D! And who else to bring you stunning, vivid, and lifelike Full HD 3D viewing but LG. This latest advancement in home theater technology uses the same principles as human sight to achieve three dimensional viewing from a two-dimensional screen. Because our two eyes are slightly offset from one another, each sees a particular scene or object from two slightly different angles. In order to perceive depth  in addition to height and width  our brains process the separate images seen by each eye into one unified image. Similarly, 3D movie cameras use two lenses, slightly offset, to film two different versions of the movie from slightly different angles. Then, at home, your 3D-ready LX9500 HDTV plays back those two versions of the movie, alternating one by one frames from each version. From there, communicating wirelessly with the HDTV, your active shutter glasses (sold separately) alternately block out their liquid-crystal lenses, ensuring that each of your eyes sees only that version of the movie intended for that eye. Finally, your brain processes each of the alternate images into a single image, just as with ordinary sight, and the result is nothing less than a vivid, vibrant, three-dimensional viewing experience. Immerse yourself in your favorite movies as never before with the 3D-ready LX9500 from LG.

Coming to a home theater near you . . . THX

You sit down, popcorn bowl tucked into your elbow, and comfortably recline. Then, the lights begin to dim, and everyone else in the room tapers off their conversations. The screen in front of you glimmers to life and three iridescent letters appear&ensp THX. This may sound like what you'd expect to experience at the local movie theater, but the truth is, with the THX-certified LX9500 LED HDTV in your living room, you can expect the same visual magic of the theater right in your home. Originally developed as a standard for exceptional, reference-quality audio reproduction in movie theaters, THX certification has been expanded not only to home theater audio, but to video as well. As an industry benchmark in video-image quality, THX Display Certification assures you that the 47LX9500 is capable of delivering exceptional images, frame after frame, bringing you immersive movie, broadcast, and gaming experiences from Full HD video sources, right in your living room. Now all you need are some dimmable lights and red velvet curtains.

The next leap in home entertainment  NetCast

There's a difference between being greedy and simply wanting plenty of options. Sure, you have oodles of DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies, all of which you love to watch in your home theater. But by no means is your home video experience limited to these two types of discs. You also have access to a little something known as "the internet." The only problem is, in order to watch online video sources, you have to abandon your time-molded recliner in the living room and plop yourself down at the desk chair in the home office. And then you have to watch video on a measly 20" or so computer monitor. You've just about had it . . . you demand more viewing options in your home theater . . . you demand online access in your living room . . . in other words, you require the Infinia LX9500 HDTV from LG, sporting NetCast Entertainment Access technology. Simply connect this LED HDTV to your pre-existing internet service using the panel's built-in ethernet port, and you're poised to discover a wide range of online viewing features. Stream video and television episodes from Netflix. Catch the latest rave on YouTube. Check out your friend's photo album on Picasa. Enjoy HD movies streamed from Vudu. You can even access everything from news to stocks to weather via a variety of Yahoo! TV Widgets. Further, the LX9500 is Skype compatible, ready for you to engage in online video and voice calling across the globe (separate headset and camera required). Take the leap with the 47LX9500.

The depth and precision of LED backlighting

When it comes to displaying a truly lifelike picture, as important as an LCD HDTV's 1080p resolution and ability to reproduce millions of colors is its ability to produce just one color: black. The deeper the blacks an HDTV can display, the sharper and more detailed the picture you see. Now, it might seem contradictory, but an LCD's ability to generate black levels is directly tied to its light source. While the fluorescent backlights used in most LCD panels fully illuminate the display at all times, the LED backlight technology used in LG's LX9500 series panels allows the strength of the light source to be varied. Known as "local dimming", this feature of LED backlighting makes it possible for an LCD's panel to be dimmed  or even shut off completely  in specific areas when deep black levels are necessary for achieving fine detail and contrast. Thanks to its LED backlighting technology, when it comes to sharp, precise, lifelike detail, the LG Infinia 47LX9500 stands out from the rest.

Double the realism . . . times two

Once upon a time, 120Hz frame-rate conversion technology brought improved smoothness to HD video. Then, doubling the conversion rate of its predecessor, and setting a new standard, 240Hz processing came along and allowed for even more natural-looking motion to be reproduced, even for fast-action sports and movies. And now, LG has gone and raised the ante yet again: Presenting TruMotion 480Hz processing, found on the LX9500 series from LG. Doubling the processing performance offered even by 240Hz technologies, TruMotion 480Hz achieves an exceptional level of fluidity in the reproduction of motion, bringing you a home theater viewing experience characterized by heightened realism and detail, even when you're watching high-intensity sports programming or the latest action-movie blockbuster. And you get to enjoy this advanced performance on a Full HD 1080p LCD panel with widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, wide 178 x 178 viewing angle, and blazing-fast 1ms pixel response time. Further, a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio delivers enhanced detail.

INFINIA  another level of stunning visuals

Sure, all LG HDTVs are designed and constructed to set industry standards for video-reproduction performance and exhilarating home entertainment. But not all LG panels are created equal . . . There's an elite series of LED displays from this celebrated manufacturer, and it has but one name: INFINIA. While all LG panels deliver stunning video images, the INFINIA series concerns itself equally with the TV's physical aesthetic. In other words, all INFINIA panels are lavished with sleek, innovative bezel designs that add modern sophistication to any viewing area. First, as we've already mentioned, the use of advanced LED backlighting techniques endows the LX9500 with an incredibly thin 1.2" panel depth. Once wall-mounted, this LG LED display will seamlessly integrate with your living room or home theater area's look. Second, LG takes the elegance of the LX9500's panel one step further by unifying the entire front of the panel into a single, smooth plane. By laying the super-thin bezel flush with the video screen and covering the entire surface with a single sheet of glass, LG allows the LED display to reign unencumbered by the thick, blocky bezels found on most other HDTVs. With the INFINIA series LX9500 from LG, you're adding more than a TV to your living room . . .

The Real Cinema experience, at home

Way out west in Tinseltown, your favorite films are recorded at 24 frames per second. Unfortunately, most television content is recorded at 30fps, so most televisions are designed to display motion pictures at this speed. Until now, the solution has been to interpolate, or add, artificial scenes into 24fps content in order to "stretch" it to fit a TV's 30fps capability. Recent demands on the part of movie lovers for an authentic home-cinema experience have lead to technological advancements making a 24fps experience possible at home. High definition video like that recorded onto Blu-ray Disc contains 24p (or, progressive-scan 24fps video content) that brings true film into your home. But wait! There's still one more piece the puzzle. While true 24fps film makes it from Hollywood to your Blu-ray player, just like a movie-house feature film, it needs a screen to be enjoyed . . . i.e. your flat panel needs to be able to display 24p content. Enter the 47LX9500 with 24p Real Cinema video processing. These technology makes your new LX9500 series LCD fully capable of displaying 24fps video thanks to specific video processing that reproduces film-based images as video content.

Efficiency and performance . . . customized

Certainly, a new HDTV should satisfy all of your home viewing tastes and preferences. At the same time, however, a flat panel HDTV ought also to meet both the demands of your viewing area and your energy-use goals. True to form, the LG LX9500 delivers. First, the 47X9500's Intelligent Sensor employs a sophisticated algorithm that uses 4,096 sensing steps to evaluate the panel's surroundings, ultimately optimizing the panel's brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and white balance to the needs of your home viewing area. Second, not only does the Intelligent Sensor customize panel performance to changing conditions in your living room, but by doing so it also minimizes overall energy consumption. Paired with LG's Smart Energy Saving technology, the Intelligent Sensor helps to earn the ENERGY STAR 4.0 qualification. Updated to included video display devices operating in the Power On mode, the ENERGY STAR 4.0 qualification sets high, stringent standards for efficient energy use.


One of the most important items on an HDTV's spec sheet is one of the most over-looked. We're talking about connections, here. You see, a panel's connectivity options communicate a great deal about the HDTV's potential  will the TV work with your existing equipment what kind of video sources can you watch what kind of room is there for system growth With the answers to these questions in mind, the folks at LG have equipped the LX9500 with an impressive repertoire of audio and video connections. First off, four total HDMI inputs offer optimal, single-cable connectivity to Full HD 1080p sources, and the side HDMI input is great for connecting a friend's HD gaming console. Second, multiple component- and composite-video inputs are great for connecting to non-HD video sources. Third, two USB ports let you hook up to digital cameras and portable audio/video players, and even support DivX video from online sources. Finally, a PC input with audio makes it possible to convert the LX9500 into a 47" computer monitor, while a digital optical audio output is great for sending audio to your system's A/V receiver.

Bring on the sound

The advanced HD video performance offered by the LX9500's panel is only half of the story when it comes to the complete home-theater experience. "What's the other half", you might ask Audio. Not only does the LX9500 LED HDTV sport a two-speaker, 24W built-in audio system, but it reinforces it with a variety of audio-enhancing technologies. First, an Infinite Sound system teams up with built-in Dolby Digital decoding to deliver a virtual surround sound experience. Second, an Auto Volume Leveler II ensures that volume levels remain stable  i.e. no loud spikes in volume when TV programming cuts to commercial. Finally, the LX9500's Clear Voice II technology automatically enhances and amplifies the sound of the human voice's frequency range during scenes when background noise swells, assuring that you catch every last syllable of crucial dialogue.

Your HD lifeline

High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is the only home A/V connection that allows for both Full HD 1080p video and 7.1-channel studio-quality audio to be passed along a single cable. In other words, in order to take full advantage of your home theater's high definition potential, you need to HDMI cabling to link HD-capable components.


  • Aspect ratio: Widescreen 16:9
  • Viewing angle: 178 x 178
  • Progressive features: TruMotion 480Hz processing
  • Best video inputs: 4 HDMI v1.3 inputs (3 rear, 1 side) / Deep Color and HDCP compatible
  • Other inputs: 1 rear LAN ethernet port / 2 side USB v2.0 ports / 3 component video+audio (2 rear, 1 side) / 2 composite video+audio (1 rear, 1 side) / 1 RF
  • Audio enhancements: Dolby Digital decoder / Infinite Sound surround system / Clear Voice II / 5 EZ Sound modes / Auto Volume Leveler II
  • Built-in speakers: 12W x 2 speakers
  • Mounting options: 20 table-top swivel stand included / VESA 400mm x 400mm wall-mount compatible
  • Remote control: 1 Magic Motion remote and 1 unified remote control included
  • Additional Specifications

    • 3D-ready HDTV (Note: 3D glasses required and sold separately)
    • Full LED backlighting with local dimming
    • NetCast Entertainment Access: Netflix streaming ready / Skype ready / Yahoo! TV Widgets / Vudu streaming / YouTube / Picasa Web Albums / DLNA certified
    • THX-certified display
    • Intelligent Sensor ambient light adjustment
    • 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
    • Efficiency: ENERGY STAR 4.0 qualified / Smart Energy Saving technology / Backlight control
    • Additional connectivity: 1 digital optical audio out / 1 PC (D-Sub, 15-pin)+ audio input / 1 headphone out / 1 service RS-232c
    • USB format support: JPEG / MPEG-4 / DivX, DivX HD

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Built-in tuners: ATSC / NTSC / Clear QAM
    • Video features: XD Engine / 6 aspect-ratio correction modes / Just Scan 1:1 pixel matching / 3 color-temperature control modes / 24p Real Cinema
    • Video features (continued): 3:2 pulldown / Picture reset / 8 Picture modes / ISFccc ready / x.v.Color / DTV signal strength indicator
    • Wireless readiness: Wireless 1080p (WHDI) ready / Wi-Fi ready (separate components required)
    • 1080p source input: HDMI: 60p/30p/24p / Component video: 60p/30p/24p / RGB: 60p WXGA
    • Special features: Picture Wizard II / A/V input navigation / Input labeling / Quick View / Key lock
    • SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC) / Closed Captioning compatible / Parental control with V-Chip
    • On-screen languages: English / Spanish / French / Korean
    • Convenience features: Auto tuning/programming / Channel add/delete / Favorite channel programming / Sleep timer
    • Convenience features (continued): Auto/manual clock / On/off timer / Auto Off/auto sleep

    Box Contents

    • 47" LED-LCD TV
    • Stand base
    • Stand body
    • Stand rear-cover
    • Plastic-collar
    • Main remote control
    • RF remote control
    • Two "AA" batteries
    • Two "AAA" batteries
    • 6" Component video adapter (with female component RCA jacks on one end and a male 3.5mm connector on other end)
    • 6" AV adapter (with female composite and stereo RCA jacks on one end and male 3.5mm AV connector on other end)
    • Four 4mm x 12mm machine screws (with star-washers)
    • Four 4mm x 22mm machine screws
    • Screen cleaning cloth
    • Cable-tie
    • Remote wrist-strap
    • Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials CD-ROM
    • Owner's Manual CD-ROM
    • Owner's Manual
    • Wired Network instructions
    • Remote Control Unit User Information
    • Limited Warranty Information
    • "Child Safety" sheet
    • Product Registration Card

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