iHome IP51GR

IP51GR 2.1 Micro System with Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod

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Brand: iHome
UPC: 047532893144

iHome IP51GR

iHome IP51GR 2.1 Micro System with Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod
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The iHome iP51GR 2.1 Micro System with Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod is a great way to wake up or just rock out any time of the day. The 2.1 Micro System features two 7.5W satellite speakers and a 16W subwoofer for 31 watts of total output power. The detachable speakers also feature iHome's Reson8 speaker technology, while the subwoofer has its own volume control for enhanced bass response. In addition to playing your iPod or iPhone, the system also charges your player while it's docked and provides you with a remote for control from a distance.

iHome IP51GR Description:

The iP51GR's dual alarm gives you the option to wake to your iPod, iPhone, radio, or buzzer. Using iHome's 7-5-2 alarm settings you can even set a consistent alarm time for everyday, weekdays, and weekends, while the DST switch makes for easy adjustment for daylight savings time. If you're looking for a powerful, yet affordable way to wake up, the iP51GR from iHome comes through on both fronts.

iHome IP51GR Features:

Extra snooze bar on speaker
Plays and charges docked iPhone and iPod models
Remote can control iPod, iPhone, or clock radio functions
Wake from iPod, iPhone, radio, or alarm with dual settings
7-5-2 alarm settings for everyday, weekdays, and weekends
DST (daylight savings time) switch for one touch time adjustment
31 watts total output power (16W subwoofer, 7.5W each speaker)
Detachable satellite speakers with Reson8 technology and active subwoofer

iHome IP51GR Specifications:

Dimensions10" W x 1.5" H x 5" D
Small Speaker: 3.0"W x 3.0"H X 3.0"D
Subwoofer: 5.0"W x 5.0"H x 7.1"D
PowerAC Power Adapter (included), 15V, 1.0 amp
Battery Requirements: 2 "AA" batteries for backup (included)

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