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Midwest Tropical GT33CD
GT-33CD 61" Aqua CD Tower - 160 CD Capacity
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Width: 22"
  • Height: 61"
  • Depth: 13"
  • Materials: Acrylic

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GT33CD   $1099.95

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Yuan Tai CA9501BK
CA9501-BK Cabernet Bonded Leather Reclining 3-Seater Theater Set in Black
  • Weight: 255.20 lbs
  • Type: 3-seater
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Width: 84"
  • Height: 40"

  Savings After Saving  
CA9502BR Brown $259.60 $1622.50
CA9501BK Black   $1362.90

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Test-Um NT950

    Our Price
NT950   $1163.99

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APC AP9224110
AP9224110 24-Port 100Mbps Ethernet Switch
APC's Ethernet switches improve adaptability by offering a pre-integrated solution designed for InfraStruXure architecture. They lower total cost of ownership by providing rapid data transmission at cost- effective price ...

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AP9224110   $1401.99

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Digi 70001429
Digi Etherlite 32 Enet 32RJ45 Tcp/Ip Nt Unix Java
The Digi EtherLite family blends the control and performance of asynchronous serial communications with the convenience of an Ethernet connection. Available in two- to 32-port versions, the traffic from all serial ports ...

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70001429   $1333.99

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American Recorder SAS1306SPL
SAS-1306-SPL Pro Tech 1.05 Home Theater Kit With Spl Meter
Residential installer kit for proper alignment of speaker, projectors and screens
Kit contains P-770 laser tool, lens kit, R2D2 rotary base and sound pressure level meter
Includes carrying case


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SAS1306SPL   $690.00

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208V/120V 10KVA
The Step-Down Transformer converts high voltage (208 VAC) output into low voltage (120 VAC) output for powering low voltage AC equipment.

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APTF10KT01   $1375.99

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MM603 iscan VP30 High Definition Video Processor&Hub
The DVDO iScan VP30 is the next generation high-resolution video processor and A/V switcher that sets a new standard for up, down, and cross-converting all of your video sources.

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MM603   $1399.00

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Channel Plus MPTMDS6AKIT2
Channel Plus MPTMDS6AKIT-2 Multi-Room Multi-Source Music Distribution Kit

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MPTMDS6AKIT2   $1109.00

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Digi 77000846
77000846 921.6Kbps Wired PCI Serial Adapter
The AccelePort Xp Universal PCI (3.3V & 5V) cards are powerful, highly integrated 80 Mhz RISC processor-based products that deliver the highest level of intelligence and performance available on the market. The availabil ...

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77000846   $627.99

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Channel Plus MDS6AKIT1
MDS-6A Kit 1 6 Source Multi-Room Music Distribution
Controls up to 6 music sources and distributes to 6 zones throughout the home

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MDS6AKIT1   $1199.00

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PRO/1000 Pf Dual Port Server Adapter
Conserve valuable PCI Express (PCIe) server slots while adding multi-port fiber-optic connectivity to enhance network performance with the Intel PRO/1000 PF Dual Port Server Adapter. The dedicated input/output (I/O) band ...

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EXPI9402PFBLK   $655.99

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Netgear AX741
Prosafe AX741 10 Gigabit Ethernet Xfp Adapter Module
NETGEAR ProSafe AX741 - Adapter module - 10 Gigabit EN

    Our Price
AX741   $659.00
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